Is Your Content Sophisticated?

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
Coco Chanel

Sophisticated Comms offers bespoke PR, social media, copywriting and creative strategy consultancy services.

We has an extensive focus on lifestyle, health and wellness, medical devices, and the booming aesthetic sector – in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Sophisticated Comms have executed campaigns for a diverse clientele including luxury fashion and beauty brands; internationally renowned charities; private clinics; medical devices and technologies; food and beverage; over-the-counter medical and lifestyle brands.

We have extensive experience with crisis management – including risk assessment, developing key protocols and implementing crisis measures for public relations as well as for social media campaigns.

Whether delivering copy or creative strategy, our work engages target demographics, and has been featured on mainstream media outlets across the world, and our ethos garners attention.

Sophisticated Comms pioneered PR-Informed Social, a scaleable service that optimises engagement and brand awareness and can easily integrate with and support new or existing Public Relations campaigns – prolonging the buzz (and thus the ROI) of your PR spend.

We offer unique perspectives and approaches to traditional messaging, informed by the latest communications trends – delivered stylishly to your audience.


To learn more about our services, visit our portfolio.

For more information on how Sophisticated can upgrade your Comms, contact us.

*International Media Sales

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