Sophisticated Comms sees creativity as a tremendous asset that enables us to innovate fresh strategies for a variety of projects – whether translating scientific abstracts into trending news stories, or conceptualising, and overseeing the delivery of groundbreaking B2B campaigns.

We make it a habit to craft and present engaging, informative and enthusiastic content, and we’re delighted to report that our work has been featured by mainstream media outlets around the world.

We work with clients to deliver offer unique perspectives and approaches to strategy, for;

  • Events
  • Media Launches
  • Pop-up Projects
  • Social Media Stunts
  • Television Development

Please enjoy a brief glimpse of some recent work – but we’re more interested in what we can do for your brand.

The Gallery of Modern Malaise

Sophisticated Comms artful elevation of the traditional media briefing for the UK’s number one topical pain relief brand – making over-the-counter counter culture history.

Gamify and Conquer

When multinational medical implant manufacturer G C Aesthetics sought to target a niche (but global) audience, and Sophisticated Comms delivered it with a twist.

Raising Awareness is No Joke.

Sophisticated Comms’ April Fool on the UK Aesthetic Sector led to huge engagement for British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ campaigns – and even more coverage.

1% Problems

When the world’s most expensive detox treatment facility wants to reach an ultra-wealthy audience subtly, they hired Sophisticated Comms to make it chic, of course.

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“Nikki is fast, friendly and responsive, and is always looking for fresh angles and ways to make a story work for our audience. No request is too big or too small.
She has a creative, enthusiastic approach to her job which makes her a pleasure to work with.”

— Nick McDermott, Health Editor, The Sun

“Nikki has an innate ability to keep her finger on the pulse of not only what is trending, but what should, and to parlay that ability into engaging marketing materials, press, quotes, quips and clients. 

— Creator and Marketing expert Andrew Robertson