Multinational medical implant manufacturer GC Aesthetics wanted to develop a compelling marketing campaign for their IMPLEO flexible cohesive gel breast implants that would appeal to Plastic Surgeons around the world

Marketing materials and discussion with the CG Aesthetics team highlighted that the implant was so pliable it could be twisted and then return to its original shape.

Sophisticated Comms saw an opportunity to promote the product’s USPs by focusing on an action that could be replicated and creating an interactive campaign inspired by 1960’s icon Chubby Checker’s ‘Twistin’ Round the World.’

Further to this, we conceptualised a campaign with an homage to the 2001 French blockbuster Amélie – whereby the IMPLEO implant itself would star in the campaigngoing to cultural attractions around the world and showcasing;

  • The brand being multi-national
  • The product’s global availability + desirability
  • The interest of eminent international plastic surgeons in the brand and in joining a trend
  • The product USPs

Twist n’ Shout About it

Find out more about how Sophisticated Comms’ #IMPLEOtwist social media campaign yielded immense results for GC Aesthetics

Sophisticated Comms conceptualised promotion a way that had never been done by an implant manufacturer before, and the results were groundbreaking.

The campaign was so successful it inspired competition between international Plastic Surgeons, who sought to outdo each other by generating content performing the ‘IMPLEO Twist’ in front of their country’s famous landmarks.

To capitalise on the trend, Sophisticated Comms strategised evocative language as a way to differentiate the brand from competitors at international aesthetic and plastic surgery conferences around the world –

Rather than inviting surgeons to visit an exhibitor stand number, we focused the conversation on GC Aesthetics’ ‘Big Booths,’ where the sales team were on-hand to capture the best Impleo Twist.

The campaign continued for over 2 years, and was a huge draw at 2017’s CCR Expo and BAAPS International Scientific Conference, where 200 eminent international Plastic Surgeons were flown in by the brand, to present new and exciting surgical techniques…

….Naturally, the ever-present GCA Big Booth became the unofficial meeting point for surgeons to go head-to-head with their International colleagues – competing for the title of ‘World’s best IMPLEO Twist.’

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