Twisting Around The World

GC Aesthetics, a multi-national medical implant manufacturer was seeking social media engagement with their IMPLEO flexible cohesive gel implants, from a target demographic of international Plastic Surgeons


Sophisticated Comms had already conceptualised the campaign, highlighting the product’s properties whilst using the descriptor as a verb.

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Our Assessment:

Sophisticated Comms identified that generating engagement from the target demographic was challenging, as there was not yet substantial uptake of social platforms by Plastic Surgeons in the territories highlighted as essential to motivate brand awareness. An additional challenge was that the few surgeons who did have a social media presence tended to engage with peers rather than with brands, and did not repost and engage with content from implant manufacturers.

We audited competing brands, and noted that their content was uninspiring, and frequently focused on conveying facts already known to their target demographic of surgeons.

We further noted two critical issues:

  1. Generating engagement with a medical device would require a lighthearted call-to-action, but one that did not minimise the risks of cosmetic surgery procedures, in accordance with Best Practice advice from the General Medical Council; and,
  2. Any initiative would need to rely on user-generated content, or surgeons would not engage.

Sophisticated Comms conceptualised a campaign based on the blockbuster 2001 French film Amélie, which showcased the cult tourist phenomenon of photographing a garden gnome feature in prominent locations around the world.

We persuaded the brand to let the implant itself star in the campaign, and we would focus the effort on encouraging Plastic Surgeons to perform an #IMPLEOtwist in front of their cultural attractions.

We identified pop culture references that the target demographic would be likely to recognise and respond to….

….And began content creation, linking the #IMPLEOtwist to trending topics – such as the fierce competition at the Wimbledon tennis championship

Surgeons found the challenge to compete for the best worldwide #IMPLEOtwist irresistible, and began submitting their own images.

This led to a secondary #TwistAndShoutOut campaign that motivated an increase in the creation of user-generated content – some going to extreme lengths to participate.

The groundbreaking #IMPLEOtwist campaign made history as the first time an implant had been promoted with creative strategy.

It was an unprecedented hit, and the success continued to generate content for the brand over the next two years – with Sophisticated Comms’ creative strategy going on to inform regional social media teams in other territories.

The twist was performed (and enjoyed) by eminent surgeons at the most prestigious aesthetic and plastic surgery conferences across the world.