The Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Indemnity Scheme is a mutual with a very niche target demographic in the UK – exclusively Plastic Surgeons.

Sophisticated Comms organic social media strategies focused on digital storytelling have encouraged awareness and engagement from the target demographic in the UK; but have also significantly boosted raised PRASIS’ profile internationally – this makes it prominent and attractive to those in the surgical training pathway, who present opportunities for the growth on social media, and for the indemnity scheme.

The increased visibility and prominence as a voice to follow promotes PRASIS an attractive choice to Consultant Plastic Surgeons; but also to those in the surgical training pathway looking for indemnity insurance bespoke to their surgical specialty, capturing new audiences most likely to be social media savvy and amplify PRASIS’ content.

The new audiences being captured are also most likely to be social media savvy, and by developing resonant content, we amplify PRASIS’ messages.

These types of strategies, when combined with bolt-on services can yield even greater gains.

Note: these case studies may contain graphic imagery of injury

Deep Dive: Sir Harold Gillies

Sophisticated Comms uses native content on the Twitter platform to generate awareness with Plastic Surgeons across the world

Bonfire Night Sparklers

Sophisticated Comms demonstrates how one social platform can influence another to build following organically