Nikki Milovanovic is one of the very few PRs who actually understands the complexities of the world of surgical and non-surgical procedures – and while taking these procedures seriously, is always able to offer up a fresh and newsworthy interpretation of them.
Alice Hart Davis, Journalist, Author & Skincare Developer


“Nikki has an innate ability to keep her finger on the pulse of not only what is trending, but what should, and to parlay that ability into engaging marketing materials, press, quotes, quips and clients.
I have always been in awe of her natural networking capacity and the range of personal and professional details and information she can retain for colleagues, clients and prospects.
Andrew Robertson, Manager of Media Relations


“Nikki is fast, friendly and responsive, and is always looking for fresh angles and ways to make a story work for our audience. No request is too big or too small.
She has a creative, enthusiastic approach to her job which makes her a pleasure to work with.”
Nick McDermott, Health Editor, The Sun
“emails are always highly entertaining”
Francesca White, TATLER


“You recently wrote a letter to Business Life discussing “imposter syndrome”, which has been published as the letter of the month in our December issue. Congratulations! And thank you for a brilliant letter.”
Melissa Lawford, Editorial Assistant, BA High Life


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